Virtual private server hosting is a form of hosting where you share the same hardware as other VPS users but your Operating System and data is stored on an emulated server/computer, this emulated system, is completely independent and can even be rebooted without affecting the other users. You essentially get an entire operating system to yourself and you can do what you want with it. The virtual private server platform is idea for those that need the flexibility of their own OS but they do not need the performance of a dedicated server.

We can offer a wide range of virtual server options that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Dell PowerEdge servers 24/7 hardware support with unlimited warranty
Intel Xeon multi-core processors Fully upgradeable at any time during the contract
Hardware controlled RAID1 as standard Hosted right here in the UK in our private datacentre
14 day free trial



per month



per month



per month



per month

Optional Extras:
Windows 2008   £10 per month
Microsoft SQL   From £20
SBS 2011   £POA
Daily Backup   £POA
Additional IP   £6 per IP/month
Management   £99 per month
Setup Cost   FREE   FREE   FREE   FREE
Processor   2 Core   2 Cores   4 Cores   8 Cores
Memory   1GB Memory   2GB Memory   4GB Memory   8GB Memory
Disk Space   40GB   80GB   160GB   240GB
Software   Linux (LAMP)   Linux (LAMP)   Linux (LAMP)   Linux (LAMP)
Bandwidth   500GB per month
  750GB per month
  1TB per month
Free Trial   2 Weeks   2 Weeks   2 Weeks   2 Weeks
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Virtual private server hosting in the UK for less than £10 per month

Yes, thats right, we are offering UK based virtual server (VPS) hosting for less than £20 per month! How do we do it?? The main physical server will typically run an emulation service that will assign its own resources to create virtual disks, memory, and other resources for use by the client side operating systems. These OS's can be anything from basic control panel based Linux to more advanced windows platforms. This means we can run multiple hosts on one server which gives energy/cost savings which we pass on to you!

Easy to Setup - Setup is instant - Pre-compiled images are ready for immediate use
Easy to Backup - Snapshots can be taken before any major works and the entire OS can be restored in seconds
Low cost and good value - The shared platform enables lower running costs and overheads which is passed directly on to you

Standard contract term is 12 months. All Prices exclude VAT. A 20% discount applies for annual payments in advance.