Your web site is precious and so is the data it generates. Daily backups protect your valuable information from human error, hardware failure and malicious activity. Our backup routine is second to none, assuring you that your backups will always be available if you ever need them.

We'll create a fully automated process for you, reducing the need for staff supervision. Backups will be scheduled according to your requirements, with email monitoring to confirm a successful backup. The online connection also means that your data is available for restoration whenever you need it. It's easy to use, it's cost-effective and most importantly, you can trust it to work.

Your business depends on data backup

Data is always at risk. Essential files could be deleted accidentally by an employee, lost when a hard disk fails, attacked by a virus or destroyed by fire. That's when you turn to your backup, and that's when you want the assurance of a safe and secure system.

The fully managed backup services gives you 100% flexibility combined with the ease of simply giving us a call or email to let us know what you need. The Server Centre can automatically backup your company data to two separate off-site locations for total security. There's no need for tape-based equipment, which can be forgotten by your staff and needs regular maintenance. You don't need any additional hardware, making this an inexpensive yet comprehensive solution.